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Songwriting Critique and Workshop

1-on-1 song critique to take your songs to the next level

Whether you are just starting out and need to learn how a song is put together or if you are advanced and want to make your songs more cohesive, catchy, and interesting, this is the perfect opportunity for personalized feedback.

Workshop Structure

1. Kristi will individually review your song(s) to get to know them. She will take detailed annotations about the arrangement, melody, and lyrics. It will discuss everything that makes the song strong from lyrical context to instrumentation and melodic choices.

2. Next, you will set up a 1 hour in-person or zoom meeting (1 hr per song) with Kristi to discuss the song in depth. Together, you will dig into the song and discuss its strengths and possible improvements. Kristi will discuss personalized activities to expand your songwriting techniques.

3. Lastly, you will send Kristi a follow-up recording with detailed changes and any questions and she will send a final review of the song(s).

About Kristi

Kristi Lei is an American singer-songwriter, music educator, and podcast host. She specializes in healthy singing education and songwriting mentorship programs. Kristi has taught students of all ages and levels about singing and writing techniques. She has both attended and led songwriting workshops through music festivals, universities, and high schools. Through them, she has developed practical songwriting exercises to teach basic music theory in combination with clear, yet emotive, writing styles. She will push your writing comfort zone so that you can comfortably and accurately share your story. Learn more about her at @kristileimusic or on @artsisterspodcast.

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