"We risk, we run, we come undone"

Kristi Lei

Meet Kristi Lei, an Americana singer-songwriter hailing from Northeastern Pennsylvania, now making waves in the music scene from the heart of Brno, Czech Republic. Crafting melodies since the age of 16, Kristi's passion for music has led her to grace stages across Pennsylvania and North Carolina, captivating audiences on radio stations, folk festivals, and renowned music venues. 

Following her graduation from UNC-Chapel Hill, Kristi embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to the Czech Republic where she found inspiration to record her debut EP, "Becoming Memories". Roaming Europe, each step fueled her creative spirit, providing fodder for her evocative songwriting. 

By day, Kristi shares her love for music as a primary educator at the International School of Brno, while by night, she immerses herself in the rhythm of life, contributing her talents to two distinct musical ventures: Band of Heysek, a soul-stirring blues ensemble, and Tilted Squares, a fusion of pop and folk. 

Infused with a profound curiosity for both the internal and external landscapes, Kristi's music serves as a vessel for storytelling, capturing fleeting moments in time with lyrical finesse. Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences spanning folk, Broadway, country, and pop, her sonic palette is as diverse as it is powerful. 

Inspired by musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, Heather Maloney, and Sara Bareilles, Kristi Lei's melodies promise to resonate deeply, leaving an indelible imprint on your soul and lingering in your mind long after the music fades.

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