Thoughts, Lyrics, and My Notes App

March 1, 2023

Lately, I have been questioning a lot of my thinking, trying to become the healthiest version of myself. I am working to not only view my thoughts in passing but rather identify and question them.

Many of these thoughts find their way to a VERY long page in my notes app called "Song Ideas" (seriously, it is at 5,068 words right now). It is one of my versions of journaling that has made me think deeper about the things around me. I now see many things as a song idea. I jot down things that I hear, thoughts from conversations with friends, weird questions that my brain asks, and cool-sounding words that may or may not ever make it into songs. Typing them out is the first step in identifying my thoughts and connecting them to other people's experiences. So, I figured that I would share some of them, just for fun :)

-Authenticity is who you are without defense mechanisms

-Hippocampal hard drive

-The water in my shower always runs out way too fast, but I stand in the cold hoping this time it may come back.

-Trix yogurt skies (hey, Elizabeth)

-She looks at you like you should know her. Like she is confident in her reputation that you should know it too. I want to feel that.

-Would you move your hand if I sat next to you? Habitual reaction to someone new

-But then again, you tend to realize how much people mean when you start to miss them.

-I'm an interactive speaker

-Why is being the X in tick-tack-toe a power move?

-I have been living my days for those pinnacle moments of happiness. The ones where you say "I'm gonna remember this forever". But the moments in between make those possible. Appreciate them

-You miss me when I'm gone, but I miss me when I'm here

-Momentary alignment: when you know someone so well that you can look at them in a crowd and share the same thought in the same moment and know they are thinking the same thing

-Idealized caricature

-Brimming dreams

-I'm addicted to growing pains

-I love when you can tell that someone is smiling even though you cannot see their face

-I mistake the jitters from my coffee for butterflies

-Too early, too late

-Saying "I hate you" like little kids do when they have no other defense.

-I was a supporting character in your story, but you were an antagonist in mine. 


-Amnesty to amnesia. . . .forgiving to forgetting

-Untapped capacity for growth but not enough water

-I don't notice when anyone else says my name. Almost like I only hear my name as an identifying response in my own head. But when you say it, it feels different and I know exactly that it is me. The sound of it makes me feel seen.

-Scents, songs, and memories

-You can't be a rainbow in cloudy weather (something cool coming with this one soon . . . )